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August 04, 2008

Gotta Have It!

While in San Francisco last week, my sister and brother-in-law (who live in the area) took me to Half Moon Bay (about 20 miles south of the city).   What fun it was to see them and what a GREAT town.  We walked the streets, visited the shops, spent lots of time in bookstores, ate a yummy lunch and drove back to the city via the coast with the top down on the convertible.

My favorite store that we visited was called Gotta Have It.  It was filled with collectibles and all kinds of unusual merchandise.  It's got so much stuff that you could go a million times and still see something you missed the last visit.

These are some of the things that I saw and said, "Oh, I Gotta Have It!":

A sign for our upstairs bathroom.



A door-hanger for my office when I'm on deadline and having to crunch out chapters.


And my favorite, two pairs of Crazy Glasses and Crazy Girls!:




Next week, I'll show you pics from the actual conference, which will include pics of the RITA winner for Best Inspirational 2008, pics of Susan May Warren, and pics of our very own Chat Room member, Evelyn!


posted by Deeanne on 08/04/2008

Comments: 4

Leah Mast said...

It does sound like you had much fun, Deeanne! And isn't it truly wonderful to spend fun times such as you mentioned with those dearest and closest to ya?! I love spendin' time with my many sisters, especially when that time includes shoppin'! 'Tis truly what us women do best! Best wishes for the remainin' of your trip!


Olivia said...

Hi again! :) Alright, since meeting you at the convention in San Francisco, I have read three books (I just finished the third one, "The Measure of A Lady," that I borrowed from Evelyn...but I want my own copy now!). I can't wait to dig into more. They are all favorites, but my absolute favorite was "TMoAL," I think, because I could relate to the character quite a bit AND I live right outside of San Francisco (which I'll never look at the same again). :) Anyway, I am a writer also (I mostly write articles for magazines), but fiction has always been a challenge. Reading your books makes me wish I could write better fiction (the last fiction piece I wrote took place in San Francisco in 1937 circling around the building of the Golden Gate Bridge). Anyway, thank you for helping me relax with AMAZING stories my last days of summer. :) God bless!


Olivia said...

P.S. -- LOVE the glasses! (I've always considered Half Moon Bay my second home, as our family had a cabin there, and I'll be there next week, so I'll have to check out the store. :) Thanks for sharing.)


deeanne said...

Aw, thanks, Olivia! And you must tell us what you end up buying--if anything--while at "I Gotta Have It" or what things you saw that you got a kick out of. You're gonna have a great time!


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