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August 14, 2008

Lifetime TV

A bunch of us are having a big discussion about Edgy Inspirational over at Lifetime TV's online romance community. But we need YOU to make the day super fun!  Please stop by to swap comments with me, the host, Michelle Buonfiglio, and other romance fans. 

You must register to comment in the “comment section,” and be sure not to leave any spaces in your UserName.  (Registration isn’t a sales tool, it’s to make sure you’re experience at is free from annoying, aggressive commenters.)

I met Michelle Buonfiglio back in 2005 when BRIDE first came out.  Since that time we have kept in close contact and see each other at the conventions we both attend.  (The above is a pic of Michelle and I at the RITA award ceremony in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.)

Here's a clip from an interview Michelle did with me where we discuss Christian Romance:


Here's another one about Edgy Inspirational Romance ***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't read COURTING TROUBLE, don't watch this video.  We openly discuss how it ends!:


And last, here's a personal introduction to Michelle:


So, come on over to and let's talk romance!  See you there!


posted by Deeanne on 08/14/2008

Comments: 12

Deb said...

Dee, is so good to hear your voice. This makes me want to pick up Courting again.


deeanne said...

That's the only thing about the internet--no voice inflection!

Thanks for stopping by the Lifetime site. Familiar faces are always so nice! Was great to see you there.


Katybug said...

Oh Dee, I'm so sad I missed out on this! I've been getting ready for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow, and didn't get the email till after the fact. Looks like there was a great turn-out. I'm enjoying the conversation!


Katybug said...

Oh, one more thing: NO TEXAS TWANG????? ;-) (I don't have one either!)


deeanne said...

LOL, Katybug. You're from Texas. Of course you don't hear a twang. I sound perfectly normal to you!! :D

Seriously, I guess sometimes it is more noticeable than others.

Have fun with the party!


Sylvia said...

Dee, is that Greg's anniversary necklace that you are wearing? :) Good interview by the way.


Deb said...

LOL - I have to comment on the twang. Katy, girl, there is a twang. I bet if I heard your voice I would hear a twang as well. I love it!


barb said...

That's exactly what I was gonna say: MIZ DEE DUZUNT TAWK LAHK UH TAYK-SUN!!! And I'm from the Midwest! My whole life! Who stole Miz Dee's accent?!?!?!


Abby said...

Now I have a voice to go with the comments!! I didn't notice a twang though. Sorry. Of course I'm southern. Maybe that has something to do with it...or maybe I'm just not good at noticing others accents. ;)


barb said...

Miz Dee has good cowgirl boots tho, I know that! And a cute laff!


Leah Mast said...

I really enjoyed listenin' and watchin' those clips, denki so much for sharin' them. You are so adorable, Deeanne! I loved hearin' a little background on the story, it makes me enjoy the overall story that much more!


deeanne said...

Sylvia, The necklace is a "Dannelle Woody" piece, but it's not the one Greg gave me. The one Greg gave me has navy-blue beads and is longer. I love Dannelle's work, though. Have lots and lots of pieces by her! It's always so hard to decide which one to wear. :) I do love the one Greg had made for me, though. So pretty and special!


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