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December 06, 2009

Cover Model Interview With Dee's Daughter

We've redesigned the website! In celebration, we have uploaded the long awaited interview with my daughter who was the cover model for my latest release, A BRIDE IN THE BARGAIN. To see the interview in its entirety, click on the "Dee's Circle of Friends" tab above, sign in and then click on the video play button!

Here is a clip from the interview:


To see the rest of the interview, go to "Dee's Circle of Friends" and join in on the fun!


Our Advanced Copy Giveaway Contest for BEGUILED that we started on Sunday (in the previous post) will continue on here. So, if you would like a chance to WIN a free advance copy of BEGUILED, the new romantic suspense I co-authored with J. Mark Bertrand, leave a comment anywhere on my blog between now and Saturday (December 12).  We will pick a winner at the close of that day, then start our contest all over again on Sunday.

For more chances to win, join my "Circle of Friends" and click on the trophy.

P.S. Let me know what you think of the redesign and the new "Circle of Friends" section of the website!

posted by Deeanne on 12/06/2009

Comments: 31

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, Dee! This new website is AMAZING! Absolutely GORGEOUS! The interview was great, what a good sport she was! Leah


Sunshine said...

Everything looks great! I haven't visited in a while, so now I get to enjoy catching up!


Justina said...

Wow the new website is great and i cant Wait to read the new book when it comes out if i have the money dont no if parents will buy it. I love all ur books there alsome. Justina


Jessica said...

I adore the new layout! The colors are so serene and classy! You're my favorite author- I have ALL of your books. Can't wait for the new one.


Sandee said...

Hi Deeanne...I love, love, love your books, and just joined your Circle of Friends. I enjoy your email newsletter and your website is great! You have a beautiful daughter...she makes a lovely cover girl. I can't wait to read your newest books, please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you! Christmas Blessings, Sandee


Mirjam said...

Dear DeeAnn, You website looks beautiful. You're absolutely my favorite writer, though I have readonly 1 book from you, A Bride Most Begrudging. Every page was fascinating. There are only 2 books of yours published in Dutch. I can not wait for the other books have been translated. I'm 16 years old and my English is to bad to read the books in English Kind regardes, Mirjam Koning


Diana Groe said...

What fun to see your daughter's lovely face on your book! Lovely new look for your website too! Merry Christmas!


Ashlee said...

Love the website redesign! Very classy. :)


allegra said...

So hilarious thing: I hadn't looked at your blog in a few weeks and so last night I typed in the address. To my disappointment, it said "we're redesigning, check back!!" It made me sad because I knew I wouldn't remember to visit for a while (haha), but lo and behold, this very morning I get an email saying the new website is ready! YES! :)


Linda said...

I am so excited for your new book coming out. I have enjoyed reading your other previous books. Each book has be so interwined with the characters that as I am reading I am on the edge of my seat. You are a blessed writer. Also, your daughter is a beautiful cover model. God Bless on your writing and future books.. Thanks for a great read.


Sony said...

Love the new layout of Circle of Friends! Absolutely beautiful!


Evelyn said...

Love the redesign Dee. More contests are always fun, the only bad part is that you have so many good prizes it was hard to pick just one. I guess I could always play more times.


Deeanne Gist said...

Wow! Mirjam! Your English is fantastic! I had no idea from your post that you were Dutch until you told us! I checked my files and as of last month, The Measure of a Lady is now available in Dutch! I've emailed my publisher to see if they know where you might can find it.

Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone! It's so good to see some of you again. Where have you BEEN!? I've missed you. :)


Amee said...

Great video! I loved seeing the other photos that were taken during the photoshoot. :)


Wendi said...

I love Deeanne's books. I can't put them down. A new book to read would be fantastic!


Ashley said...

Hi Deeanne! I absolutely LOVE your books and can't wait for the next one! This is only my second time on your site but I love the look and feel of it! Keep up the awesome writing!


Lindsay said...

I think it's great that your daughter was the cover model for one of your books! I often wonder who the people are on the cover of books, so it's fun to finally "meet" one.


deeanne Gist said...

Lindsey, As often as I can, I always include an interview with the model--though I've never been able to do video before! Here's a link to an interview with the cover model for DEEP IN THE HEART OF TROUBLE:

And here's a link to an interview with the cover model for COURTING TROUBLE:

Enjoy! :)


Sasha said...

I loved seeing your daughter in your interview, she is just beautiful. At the end it was my favorite part, when I got to see some of the shots she had taken. Especially the one with you and her together. I absolutely loved that one so much it was so cute(It made me go awwww). My second favorite part was during the interview when she said that you were her "favorite" writer, I started laughing it was so cute. Thank you for putting the interview on your website, I loved it.


LaMonica said...

I can't wait to read your latest endeavor! :) Love the new design!


Joy said...

Everything looks great!


Alissa said...

Everything looks so nice. Your daughter is beautiful and I enjoyed the clip.


Tina said...

Deeanne This is amazing I love what you have done with this. So excited for your new book! May the Lord bless you and have a great Christmas. I loved the book a "Bride in the Bargin" I couldn't put it down. I am excited for your new book to come out.


Tina said...

Deeanne This is amazing I love what you have done with this. So excited for your new book! May the Lord bless you and have a great Christmas. I loved the book a "Bride in the Bargin" I couldn't put it down. I am excited for your new book to come out.


Lindsey said...

I love the New Design It is beautiful!


Jen said...

Loved reading Bride in the Bargain. I enjoyed it as much as Begrudging which had been my favorite. I would love to make it to a book signing but as I live in New England not likely. Dee, ever think about writing a book set in New England lots of history here=) Your daughter is beautiful by the way. Love and Merry Christmas, Jen


T. Heather said...

Heyy! Love your new webite style. And your daughters very purr-T. Can't believe Christmas is coming up so soon. Happy Holidays everyone. God Bless. Tiphy(:


AP said...

Congralations on your nomination for Bride in the Bargain.


Nancy said...

Greetings Deeanne, Love, love, readying historical inspirational fiction. I have your book, "The Measure of a Lady" and can hardly wait to read it. Have read wonderful reviews on Amazon. Blessings, Twinklelady


Bernadine said...

I haven't visited in a while but I love the new look of the site. I also love inspirational fiction and so far A Bride Most Begrudging is among my favorites.


Lizzie said...

I love your books and can't wait for them to come out in 2010!


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