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Reviews for Maid To Match

"Gist has written another great story full of laughter, romance and a mystery to solve.  The characters' doubts and insecurities are in full view, but by the end of the book readers will see them tunring into positive attributes."

-- Romantic Times gives Four Stars * * * *


"Deeanne hits another home run with Maid to Match... This book is going on my list of favorite picks for the book club."

--  The Book Club Network, Nora St. Laurent


"Just because this is Christian fiction, doesn't mean it's all fluffy and foo-foo."

--  At Split Ends, Christy LaShea


"If I measured the heat level of a romance by how many times I dog eared the pages to come back to them, then Maid to Match would be like a summer in Arizona."

-- Edgy Inspirational Blog, Joy Tamsin David


"This book is saturated with romantic tension...If you're looking for a story filled with high-stakes romance and wonderful humor, Maid to Match is definitely for you."

--  Words Seasoned With Salt, Pepper Basham


"From exquisite cover through to its satisfying conclusion, this story is a delight."

--  Musings by Lynn, Lynn McCallum


"Plenty of drama and romance...In my opinion, Maid to Match is a must read."

--  Day Song Reflections


"The sensual romantic tension runs high, in a clearly pure way, and the air sizzles with an awareness between the characters...I love, love, love this book."

--  Afictionado, Lena Nelson Dooley


"Fans of Gist will be charmed by this fun, passionate novel.  And if you're new to Gist, I guarantee this novel will make a fan out of you."

--  Musings from Jen, Jennifer Allee


"When they finally kissed it was like, WOW!  It was hot.  The sparks flew off the pages... it's making my best fiction of 2010 list."

--  Edgy Inspirational Author Blog, Michelle Sutton


"Maid to Match will make your heart swoon and your imagination soar."

--  Window To My World


"This inspirational story carries just the right balance of history and chemistry!  Don't miss your chance to enjoy this great read."

--  Writer at Large! Betsy St. Amant


"This is a funny, warm, genuine book...on my list of favorites for the year!"

--  Butterfly Blessings, Lee Smith


"The first page had me hooked and I could not put it down."

--  Smiling in the Background


"Deeanne Gist is a fabulous author and she has succeeded once more in writing a novel that I just love."

--  Mocha With Linda


"I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone as I have.  Try an Inspirational (like this one) if you haven't."

--  Romance Novel Sluts


"I loved taking a trip through time in the pages of this book."

--  With Pen in Hand, Stina Rose


"Deeanne deserves...kudos for creating passion in a romance that sizzles without once crossing the boundaries of propriety."

--  Projecting A,  April Erwin


"I loved this one.  I loved the characters.  I loved the romance between Tillie and Mack."

--  Becky's Book Reviews, Becky Laney


"A delightful romance replete with plot twists as well as inspirational messages about prayer, humility, and courtship."

--  Libraries Alive


"Maid to Match offers a little love, a little bit of history, and just enough evil-doing to make the plot go."

-- World Magazine


"Maid to Match is another gem in the Deeanne Gist collection. I was hooked in the first chapter ... Deeanne Gist is quite simply a master of romance."

-- A Literary Labour of Love, Nastassja


Rating "Up All Night'er" - "Masculinity, thy name is Danvers. ...  You can’t really ever go wrong with a Gist book.  She is a masterful author.  Her stories are beautifully written and just downright fabulous.  This book is no exception."

--  The Historical Christian Romance Review, Amber Perry


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